Posted by Joni Condit on Apr 27, 2018
Wright Flight:
The mission of this charity is to motivate and inspire students to achieve higher goals in the academic and personal behavior with the opportunity to learn to fly an airplane. This program introduces students to STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) career fields.  More than 30,000 children in Tucson have been served since its inception and 1,000 children per year now participate in this program which they would like to expand.  A $20K grant would allow 200-300 students to participate in the program.  They expect to sell 500 car show tickets and provide at least 14 volunteers the day of show. 
SARSEF (Southern Arizona Research Science and Engineering Foundation):
This program focuses on promoting students (with an emphasis on women and minorities) to enter science, math, and engineering careers. This program has three aspects: 1) Training of teachers to engage students in these areas; 2) make learning fun through real life practical applications of science and math; and 3) support and train parents to be engaged in the annual Science Fair projects.  A $20K grant would allow them to hire another teacher as the liaison to more schools.  They expect to sell 500 TCCS car show tickets and provide 25 volunteers to work day of show.
Interfaith Community Services:
ICS is a 501(c)(3) developed by a coalition of many faith organizations and this grant request is to grow their new "Steps For Stability" program aimed at expanding financial literacy, soft skills training, peer-to-peer sharing and coaching particularly focused at low-income, single mothers living at or below 150% of federal poverty level.  This program helps clients secure housing, utilities and food followed by a stabilization program including a job resource center, financial literacy and basic computer training.  A $20K grant would be used to support direct back-to-work expenses for 250 clients and provide an additional 200 clients with job search support and training through the Single Mom's Scholars Program aimed at helping them gain a college education. ICS expects to sell 100 TCCS car show tickets and to provide 20 volunteers the day of show.
Job Path:
Founded by Pima County Interfaith, this charity provides opportunities for motivated impoverished individuals to achieve financial independence through improved education and job training in local, high-demand careers that lead to high wages.  Over its 20 year history, Job Path has had a 90% graduation rate resulting in 80% job placement, with graduates experiencing an average $32,800 increase in wages compared to pre-program wages. 300 students are enrolled in this program annually who benefit from tuition and basic needs assistance. A $20K grant would fund another counselor to serve an additional 100 students.  The economic benefit to Pima County is significant.  Job Path expects to sell 20 Car Show tickets and would engage at least 10 volunteers to work day of show.