Fellow Rotarians,
You asked for more social time. Well, get ready as our June 22nd gathering will provide what you requested and more.
Everything about this meeting will be different starting with the fact we will have already had the Change of Administration five days before.  So how can we have a COA and follow it with the last meeting?  Why not, especially if the last meeting is not a true meeting?
Details?  Both big screens will be set up.  We will be showcasing photo’s all during lunch that were taken during our Centennial Year or during the first six months of 2022 for your enjoyment.  If you have any photos to share, please reach out to Dorinna.
We will not be setting up the big stage as everyone will be seated in the audience.   We will however have a small 12” high, 4’ x 4’ stage with a pedestal microphone and a spotlight set up.  More on that later. 

Also, we have no plans for a luncheon program.  Rather, this will be a social event where you are encouraged to get up, move around, mix and mingle.  Khris Dodge has arranged some special top secret music for us to enjoy during our lunch.  Rumor has it he has other things planned and is not even telling Irv about it. 
We will be doing a buffet which will open at 11:45.  By starting a bit early it will give everyone plenty of time to get through the line and be ready for some fun soon thereafter.  Don’t worry if you cannot get there until noon - the buffet will be open until 12:15 or so. 
We will formally kick things off at 12:10 with the Pledge, Song and the Inspiration.  That is it, no other program.  Then we will simply enjoy 10-15 minutes of social time and afterward the overhead lights will dim and the spotlight on the mini stage will shine and Khris Dodge will take over.  
Over the next 5 minutes you will get to hear from five different folks who have each paid $100 for a one-minute opportunity to say whatever is on their mind.   Those going 10 seconds over risk getting hit with another $100.  Thereafter, the “hook” will be used to remove folks who are too verbose.  They will also hear the infamous jingle:  “Be Brief, Be Bright, Be Gone”.
No, this is not meant to be a roast, but doing so is fine.  It is also okay to pay $100 and simply have Khris announce: “This minute of silence is brought to you courtesy of _________”.  I would not wait if you want to speak as the 20 spots are almost sold out.  Reach out to Khris if interested. 
Then, after 5 minutes, the lights will come back on for about 15 minutes only to dim again to allow the next five speakers to say whatever is on their mind.  This format will repeat itself four times so that all 20 speakers have their one-minute of fame.  It also allows time between and during all of this silliness to just be social.  
We have also been fortunate to have CHASSE Building Team sponsor this luncheon.   They have paid $1,500 for this opportunity.  Special thanks to Leigh-Anne Harrison and Paul Bojan (new Rotary Corporate Members) for this amazing and impactful support.  Yes, they get one-minute to address us too.  
All of this money ($3,500) will go into the 2022-23 Presidential Discretionary Fund as additional money for incoming President Bruce.  It will be a gift from my Administration to his and is something we hope happens every year going forward - A NEW TRADITION!
When you sit down at your table for lunch you will also notice a champagne flute/glass waiting for you.  Before we start the last round of the four speaker presentations you will be given a choice of either a glass of champagne or a non alcoholic cider to go with your chocolate dessert.    Another first, and hopefully A NEW TRADITION.
The last speaker spot is reserved for me.  A rebuttal of sorts I’d guess.  Cheers!