Posted by Cliff Bowman on Sep 19, 2017
Since Sean Miller was unable to present at the 9/20/17 meeting, our very own Liz Baker has stepped in to present to the club.  Thank you Liz!
SARSEF, the Southern Arizona Research, Science and Engineering Foundation, is on a mission to create the next generation of critical thinkers and problem solvers.  Experience first-hand how they are teaching students to make decisions based on data and form conclusions based on evidence, a skill that is essential in this day and age. Find out how SARSEF addresses the growing gap between STEM jobs and qualified workers in Arizona as they engage over 95,000 underrepresented students in areas of poverty, each year. And hear how being involved in SARSEF impacted not only student test scores across the state, it changes the lives of students, one at a time – most recently a student who will be attending the Nobel Prize Award Ceremonies this November.
Biography ~ Liz Baker
Liz Baker serves as Deputy Director of SARSEF: Southern Arizona Research, Science and Engineering Foundation - an organization recognized for its innovation and impact as a Tucson Metro Chamber Copper Cactus Award Winner, Social Venture Partner Investee, and most recently as one of the top-10 finalists nationally for the Peter Drucker Institue’s Innovation Award.  Liz earned her Master of Science in Evolutionary and Comparative Psychology from the University of St. Andrews, and went on to become a Researcher for Koko the signing gorilla at The Gorilla Foundation.  Liz got her start through science research competitions, where she won over $260,000 as a three-time winner at the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair.  Now, Liz serves as Policy Chair for the Society for Science and the Public’s Advisory Board and Judging Coordinator for the International Science and Engineering Fair.  Through her work with SARSEF, Liz has received honors such as the Women’s Public Voices Fellowship, Women of Influence Education Champion, Greater Tucson Leadership 2016, the Award for Excellence in K-12 STEM Diversity, and Grand Prize at SVP's Fast Pitch. In her free time, Liz enjoys her time as a member of the Rotary Club of Tucson and Charter 100 Arizona.